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Returning Students

Passwords were not reset for the 2020-2021 school year

All student should know their usernames.  Parents can get student usernames when the log in to Aeries through Homelink.  Usernames can be found on the Demographics page under the Student Data 2 tab.  It is referred to as the Network ID. 

The default password is the student's initials followed by their ID number.  For example, Jane Doe would have a password of jd1234567.  Passwords are not capitalized.  We ask students to change their password to the default followed by an exclamation mark at the end.  So Jane Doe's new password would be jd1234567!. Other variations might be with the student number first, followed by the initials (1234567jd).  

If a student cannot remember their password, please fill out this Google Form and one will be emailed to you.  Please allow 3-4 hours for a return email.