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Promotion Criteria

Important Promotion Information

8th Grade Parents and Students


Please discuss with your son or daughter the following promotion requirement.



Academic Requirements:


  • Students must pass each class with a grade of D or better for at least one semester during their 8th grade year to be eligible to participate in the promotion ceremony.  Students that have two semester F’s in the same class are not eligible to participate.
  • Students not meeting the criteria may be placed on Academic Probation.  Academic Probation may include:  Weekly Progress Reports, Academic and/or Behavior Contract, and other requirements as determined by Site Administration.
  • Students with IEPs/504/or ELLs may be eligible based on individual performance goals as determined by their Case Manager or Administration.
  • No retained student shall participate in 8th Grade Activities including promotion.


Behavioral Requirements:


  • During 4th quarter, two or more behaviors infractions or any suspensions from school will disqualify students from participating in end of year 8th grade activities.
  • Site Administration may consider approving an individual student, who has violated the behavior requirements, to participate in only the promotion ceremony if academic requirements are met and other means of correction have been satisfactorily completed.


These requirements are intended to promote academic excellence and will only impact a small percentage of Pleasant Hill Middle students.  We believe that participation in the promotion ceremony is a privilege earned by hard work and dedication.


We thank you for your support.   Any time throughout the year that you need our assistance, have questions, or would like an update on happenings at Pleasant Hill Middle, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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