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Mike Utzig Locker
8/29/18 5:12 PM
8/29/18 5:13 PM
8/29/18 5:15 PM

School Lunches

The new school lunch system is available at the following link:

Mike Utzig

Basketball Signups

Basketball signups are now open follow the link to signup.

Welcome to Mr. Utzig's MHC classes

Welcome to my website. On this site, you will find my contact information. Information regarding each of the classes and my expectations around preparedness and grading.

If you need to meet with me outside of an IEP there will be a google form that you can request a meeting. IEP forms will be sent home a minimum of one month prior to the meeting date.

Please be aware that dates for IEPs are set based on necessity in order to remain within compliance and get as many of the team members in attendance. 


Contact Me

I am available for phone calls or text at 925-238-9680. This phone goes directly to voicemail as it is on my personal phone. I will respond to all calls within 2 school days. You may email me at I respond to texts and emails between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday - Friday.


If you opt for any of these methods please provide me with your student's name, your name, the best contact method, and the best time to contact you back. I am willing to break my usual response times, within reason, if your schedule does not permit.


If you would like to request an informal meeting, no changes to the IEP, you may use this link to this Google Form

If there is anyone other than the legal guardian you would like me to be able to communicate with I am required to ask for that in writing. Confidentiality is my greatest concern for your child.