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About Me


1.       My name is: Jan Ouimet

2.       I started teaching in: 1986 (sub) 1989 (Full-time)

3.       I started teaching/working at PHMS in: 1999 (3rd year it opened)

4.       I started working in MDUSD:1996

5.       My favorite subject in Middle School was: PE, Math, Science

6.       I grew up in the state of: CA (born and raised)

7.       My favorite food would be something:

  • Home cooked by my mom/dad/spouse
  • On the dessert menu – but not chocolate as much
  • Filled with so many carbs
  • From the junk food aisle

My all-time favorite:

Movie: Sound of Music

Author: John Grisham or Marc Cameron

Song: My Wish – Rascal Flatts

Saying: Think before you act.

TV show: Blind spot

Season: Spring

Sport: Rugby