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Contact info

Please feel free to contact me at any time. It’s best to reach me by email my email address is or leave me a message at school (925) 256-0791 stating the best time and number to reach you. I’ll get back to you within 2 business days.



Physical Science Syllabus

COCO CREW (Animal Club)

Every Wednesday at first lunch students can meet in room 203 to eat and enjoy the company of my classroom animals! Students needing HW or science help are free to drop in as well.

Monica Ravin

All grade level science textbooks online


Check your child's grade on homelink

Policy and Procedures

Cushion Coupons: Students will be given 1 cushion coupon each quarter. These coupons will allow you to turn in assignments up to 1 week late and still receive full credit. The cushion coupon must be stapled to the left hand corner of the assignment with the student’s first and last name and sci #.


Study Guides: Students will be told in advance when they can make a 1 page, double-sided study guide to refer to on tests and quizzes. Students will bring the study guide and staple it to the back of their test. If students make a COMPLETE study guide (which shows they put considerable effort into studying for the test) and still get a D or lower with their study guide they will have an opportunity to recorrect sections of their test/quizz for partial credit. Test recorrects have a deadline to submit.


Late Work

Mrs. Ravin does NOT accept late work because:

  1. I am preparing students for High School and the working world and developing in them the important quality of timeliness.
  2. In my experience, the quality of work that is turned in late is usually below student’s abilities.
  3. The purpose of the assignment is to prepare students for assessments (tests). Turning in work after the assessment doesn’t help the student.                           

Students with excused absences have the same number of days they were absent to turn in their work. Students with special needs will be given appropriate time to turn in assignments. 

Current Assignments

Signed Syllabus & Parent Info

Parents need to READ & SIGN the science syllabus. It really helps Mrs. Ravin to get to know your child quicker when you fill out the Parent Contact Information survey. Each sheet is worth 10 points if completed and returned by Friday, August 17th.