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Brendan Moseley Locker
11/17/15 8:25 AM
11/12/14 7:34 AM
3/16/15 7:37 AM
2/25/15 7:51 AM

Our Class Could Always Use...

  • pencils
  • binder paper
  • kleenex
  • highlighters
  • post-it notes
  • white board markers

Thank you parents, for all you do to keep our school going!

Brendan Moseley

Welcome to Mr. Moseley's Page

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English 8 Syllabus


Current Assignments
Class Calendar

This Week's Greek and Latin Roots

Lesson 10

-lysis/lyst - break down

Macro - large

Magni - great/big

Mal - bad/negative

Mand/Manu - by hand/with force

Matr - mother

Micro - small

Mill - thousand


Here's a great study resource!


Previous Roots

Quote of the Week

"The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do for him absolutely nothing." - Samuel Johnson

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